Why a restored saddle can still be top quality

The truth is when you buy a horse then you have a budget to take his equipment too. To not get a wrong choice, don’t waste your time to compare the price, but let’s take care about those following suggestions.

Why do you need a horse?

The question is who needs this horse? If it is for your little girl, don’t buy a horse but a pony. They are easy to treat and easy to equipped. If it is for a young one because he likes riding, so maybe he has his goal with this kind of discipline. In that case, choose a young horse that can be in relationship with him. Then when you buy his equipment, take care of the size of the rider and the horse too. The saddle is the very hard equipment that you have to take care of his purchase.

About the competition horse

If you ride for an obstacle, for hiking, or for a course, you choose the saddle designated for each activity. You can take the mixed used saddles for sale and practice your activities, but you have to verify each week, when you prepare his bath, if he supports the saddle, if there is some matters, better change it. The best saddles that you really don’t need to change are from french used saddles because this country gets his star of equipment horse yet. Yes, France is the best manufacturing society that had the best saddles and company. Antares, Hermes and any fashion marks, about Decathlon, that’s why many others shop get an old saddle form them and restore those model in his best design and with some research eventually.

To choose your first saddles

Choose a synthetic one that you can easily maintain, and you need this exercises too. Yes, every day, have 15 minutes to brush the hair of your horse, take his bath once a week, and have a time to ride with him. You always put a carpet before the saddle. Because we are in winter’s day, choose the carpet large and long. It is just for the first ride that you have to train with him and get your relationship yet.

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