How to choose the right saddle ?

Riding is not a part of fun It is true that we have fun doing it but, as in any other sport, there are rules to follow. These are not strict rules but we advise you to follow them so that everything goes smoothly. For example, this seems hard to believe but, not all horses will accept all the saddles you will be putting on them. You must then have an idea of the saddle that will suit him otherwise, when it is mounted, it will not behave well and may even make you fall backwards. This rule is also valid for you.

There is a type of saddle for everybody, you just have to find yours.

If a horse does not support all the saddle, there is a good chance that it is also your case. This is why you should never agree to buy a saddle without first testing it. Of course, you will not need to do so if this saddle has been custom made for you. We know that saddles cost a lot, so you surely think that if you have to look for one that suits you perfectly, it will cost you your head. No worries. That's why equitack is there. It is true that we do not offer you a new saddle but at least we offer you the possibility to have one that will suit you well like our range of used western saddles for sale. Moreover, know that even if they are not new, they are still very good quality. You will be completely satisfied. We also allow you, when you come for the purchase of a saddle, to test it in order to know if it will suit you. We would like to tell you that with equitack, you can be assured that your riding sessions will go well. We will always be at your service.

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